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So I opened an account got and got setup. I purchased $280 which was successful. So I go to try and send it and it says there's a 7 day hold. No where does it ever tell before you buy that there will be a seven-day hold. So I went to look at there rules on their support. And it only stays on there that there would be a 3-day hold. Okay so I wait for 3 days and check my bank account which shows that the transaction is posted and cleared my account. So I sent an email requesting they release the funds. Did not ever receive a response back. So I began to get worried so I did some research which I should have done before I purchase. And come to find out is apparently a notorious scammer and thief of people's coins. Go to their Facebook page and look at all the comments one after another of people's Bitcoin mysteriously disappearing from this company. So the next day I sent another support ticket with proof that cleared my bank account and told them that if they did not release the funds I would deny the charges with my bank. Also stay the night ticket that I dread that a lot of people's coins come up missing when they try to transfer from there Bitcoin wallet. Within a few hours I got received the email notifying me that my transaction was approved and funds are now available. So I was very happy about this I wanted to go ahead and transfer my funds and get away from this company. So I logged in go to send funds and it pulls up and it tells me that my funds are in my Bitcoin trading wallet. I don't even know what that is. So in order for me to send my Bitcoin to my other wallet I have to transfer my phone's from my Bitcoin trading wallet to my regular Bitcoin wallet. So I do this and and it says that the the transactions being processed. A now shows zero balance online Bitcoin trading wallet and zero balance on my Bitcoin wallet. This is exactly how they steal your money and if you read on their own Facebook page there are hundreds a people that have had the same problem. So I sent another support ticket we will see what happens but if it's not there by tomorrow I'm just going to die tonight charges with the bank this is a scammer company do not do business with them. Go to their Facebook page and read the comments there are not hundreds of people all making the same claims that are wrong. It looks like they try to blame the user when the coins go missing but I've been using Bitcoin since about 2013 know it very well know how to do transactions never had an issue once in my life I don't know why I use this company don't do it!!Ticket 1697849
20 Sep 2020 by Trustpilot

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