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BTC transfer taking forever - Ticket Number #1983123

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Ticket Number: #1983123 Been using blockchain for over a month now, and i have been pretty happy. But, I recently transferred from my BTC Trading Wallet to my non custodial wallet and it's been stuck "In Review" for about 8 days now. During this time, I could not buy any more BTC. It's very disconcerting also, when you see your BTC balance disappear like that, with no message like "your funds are safe". On top of that, after recreating a new Wallet (with my 12-word phrase), hoping to get that btc transfer unstuck, not only it didn't get unstuck, but my € Cash Wallet also got stuck. Even though it has a substantial balance, it seems unable to fund any new BTC transaction. Please help, I need both these issues resolved urgently.
Michael Spanoudes
22 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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