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1 Pending are not to be do not are not a reputable will not help poor supportWhat is wrong with blockchain.comThe account setup of is simple but the website is not great.Still no response from blockchain.comNo way of contacting them at have taken my money and have left me with nothing7 hours ago you sent something but no help.OK so I am now trying to get my wallet info from you and your site says you have sent it to my email.You sent you have locked me you have done nothing to you have stolen my you support is for bitcoin all the bitcoin you bitcoin says that it supports nano s but impossilbe to get it will not help you only send you replys like a will also tell you that they are having issues supporting do not followup any will not help you with any issue you goes down and you get no access to the can not be trusted with your money as if you can buy bitcoin you can not access your are saying:Notice: Our support team is currently under heavy load and may take longer than usual to respond to your request. Please check out our Popular Topics for clarifications on most issues.We respond to cases in the order we receive them, so creating multiple cases may delay our response.To assist us in resolving your issue as soon as possible, please provide us with specific information regarding your request. Exchange order id's, screenshots, and exact error messages are most useful.As you can see from the reply from they have no idea what my issue is, so they havn't even bothered to look for themselves as they would see I am no loner able to access my account.Also you can only see tickets when you are logged in as they do not send email.check this out and resolved my ticket but they have done nothing.You mean you have closed it but its not resolved and you can not open it again on their site.blockchain say they will send the wallet info by email blockchain do not send it by emailREQUEST #1377397I can not access my walletGROUP WALLET AND EXPLORER SOLVED
max bernard
17 Feb 2020 by Trustpilot

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