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Blockchain will steal your money then…

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Blockchain will steal your money then tell you you got a scammer that took your money.I tried for a week and a half to get some help because I bought bitcoin and couldn't use it. I sent 7 emails and nothing. Then my money disappears? Right after that they contact me saying I was scammed!Why did they know I got scammed, how could they know?.They made no contact the whole time I was trying to contact them. Then all of a sudden, You got scammed?There are tons of victims on their facebook page, check it out. The first time I tried using blockchain my money never showed up in my wallet, but they claimed it was a problem on their end and refunded my money. Honest mistake? No! It was a set up to gain my trust! Second time they stole my money.Be careful!
Jeffrey Bowman
15 Sep 2020 by Trustpilot

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