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Blockchain wants to keep my money

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I want to transfer crypto currency that I still have sitting in my Blockchain account back into my bank account.Long story short this resulted in endless emailing with customer service and multiple actions taken on my end from setting up an account that allows for transferring multiple currencies to sending a dollar to one of their bank accounts to converting the crypto currency into Euros on their page to get it back into my local Australian bank account.I finally got a confirmation that the transfer has. been completed and that the money should be in my account within a few days but nothing happened. What I received from their customer support team is a message that my bank wouldn't accept this type of transaction and that I'd need to provide my banking details.I don't feel comfortable doing this since they already have my address details, dob and a picture of my drivers license which they asked me to send as part of their ID verification process.In summary I've been told to provide above details or there is nothing that can be done for me - in other words they insinuating they'd be keeping the money...
20 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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