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As useful as a chocolate fireguard.

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Decided to give Bitcoin a try as one site would give me a significant discount for using it. The site recommended which wanted me to enter the ID of my wallet. Of course, being new to this I had no wallet so after reading a few reviews, Blockchain was the recommended site. Great! create my wallet, include my ID and photo and away we go. Back to Coinbase and buy some Bitcoin which worked fine and I used the newly purchased ones to complete my transaction.Flushed with success, I thought I'd buy some Bitcoin directly via Blockchain. Entered the amount of GBP I wished to convert, found that the deal was better than Coinbase and promptly entered my credit card. The response was a problem with my Visa credit card which I thought strange as there's enough available, so decided to try it again. This time just waited for hours. Eventually cancelled it and decided to try again with a different card. Again a huge wait and a cancellation. Finally decided to try my Visa debit card from my bank. Again no luck. Couldn't figure it out, so got in touch with Blockchain tech support.Finally got an answer, if that's what you'd call it, that I had the maximum of 3 cards attached to my account and that they couldn't delete them. I asked if I could. Apparently not. So how do I trade on your site? I asked. By using one of your 3 cards to buy Bitcoin was the reply. But none of my cards are working! I stated, that's why I'm emailing you! Should I have said "There's a hole in my bucket dear Liza?" as that's how well it was handled. Totally Catch 22.In the end, I transferred the Bitcoin elsewhere and gave up entirely on Blockchain. I'd be interested to know their reaction to this review!In the end, simply gave
18 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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