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Am not happy at all I was told my funds…

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Am not happy at all I was told my funds was safe I made a new account I had about 560£ worth of ethereum and when they transferred me the money they only sent 35£ why would you do this to me for blockchain you said my funds are safe I’ve seen the email where has all my money gone if I was told my funds was safe I have all the proof on email ? You guys have caused so many problems between me and my family as my auntie thinks I took her crypto and the thing is I didn’t. when in reality your website security is poor and has many flaws how did my money just disapear and now I only got 35 pounds back when I had 560 pounds approx sort this out for me get me all my money back let’s not even talk about the bitcoin. My money disapeared out my wallet and the transaction history this is not on blockchain I thought the whole time my funds was safe clearly that’s just teasing me only sending me 35 pounds ? I had 850 when ethereum went to 1050£ but you guys screwed me I want all my ETH I had 0.78 eth so where is it gone you’ve cause big problems for me Ticket number (#1916335)
Moe Moe
23 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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