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Absolutely DUBIOUS!!

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Absolutely DUBIOUS!!! HANDS OFF!!!I made over € 26,000 loss through the system !! At the beginning it was ok, then there were unannounced rollovers, take profits with high losses instead of profits and no contact with customer service.81% of customers have losses! With the terms and conditions, you quickly notice that the company does not want to keep customers long, for example, as a customer you only have 1 day to comment, otherwise the complaint will no longer be processed and further emails will be ignored! High costs and a SLOW system during the important trading hours must also be expected here. I secured the help of a recovery specialist who helped me retrieve a fair amount of my lost funds without any hitch, and I would highly recommend the many others globally who have been affected or in similar situation to get in touch with him via email donaldmarkk*@*aol•c0m. I'm terrified and disappointed that this company would put their reputation on the line like this but I have to believe that justice will prevail ultimately!
Wilson M.
19 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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