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A cautionary experience.

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Here is my last experience of using Blockchain.I purchased £11.5k of Bitcoin to send to my broker. It was in my Bitcoin wallet. I typed in my brokers Bitcoin wallet address and sent. A couple of hours later, my broker messaged me to inform they had not received the Bitcoin. I looked at the transaction records on Blockchain and it had been sent to a different address from my brokers and then about 30 minutes later to yet another different address. I contacted Blockchain helpline. All they asked me was 'Am I in control of my account?' I had used this method before to send funds ok without any problem. I researched this problem further and everyone was of the same opinion. Once you press that send button there is NO WAY of recalling those funds back. I have not used this method of fund transfer since as it has shook my confidence in this method.
18 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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