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i have been using the copay wallet for over a year now with no problems. but there is one feature i wish they would add. i had all my bitcoin in copay when the fork came and i still have not received any bitcoin cash coins. i recently downloaded exodus wallet and they have a button inside where you can click it and it goes into the blockchain and searches for your bitcoin cash and then it will send it to any exchange you choose that supports bitcoin cash. i don't see any reason copay can't do this since it is a much bigger wallet than exodus. those bitcoin cash belong to anyone that was holding bitcoins when the fork came and no one should be left out of getting their bitcoin cash coins that belong to them. there is a bitcoin cash coin for every single bitcoin in the blockchain. there is no exception, the coins are there and there should be a way for everyone to collect their coins. if anyone knows how to get these coins out please let me know. i went into copay about 2 weeks ago and someone ask support to get their bitcoin cash for them and support had no fix for them at that time, i will go back in and look again since it's been 2 weeks and if they do ever post a fix i will report back here but like i say, 2 weeks ago there still was no fix
20 Sep 2017 by CryptoCompare

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