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I made an account with them a few days ago and got lucky enough to win 4380$ on monopoly live and slots, so I tried to make a withdrawal and went through all the normal sending documents and so on, all my documents got approved with no issues.But still, they didn't want to pay out, a manager wanted to call and verify witch is fine but he never did call...Instead he sent emails where he started claiming I wasn't the person he was talking to he claimed I were my son, and that I was a criminal using another person's credit card and a lot of other things..and this is not just normal support but someone they call a manager that acts in a very disrespect full and appalling manner.I tried everything I could to set him straight, I send him a picture of drivers license, proof of address with my name on it, I even offered to make a video call so he could see for himself who he was talking to, but nothing worked he went on to close my account and steal the 4380$ in it and that was that.He also said IP rules were broken, which in a way it might have been but that's bc I took over my sons apartment and he did have an account with the casino but that account was closed permanently last year, but since that has nothing to do with me I don't see why there's an IP issue, what if I move and someone else moves in here that happens to make an account with them, then they would also be in IP problems with this casino, nope that's just not right.Also, remember this, most people have a dynamic IP address which means it changes at any given time, and you could receive an IP address that has already been used at this casino at any point in time where you would then break the IP rules they have and you would run into the same problems I have, and this goes for any customers old as new.So yeah stay away from this casino its a one way street they will be more then happy to take your money but when it comes to paying something out they close your account.I write English just fine bc i got a translator and tools to help me with English, like on my browser i use Grammarly for Chrome add-on, and yes i do not speak English.I have offered them to do a video call with me so many times so they can see for them selfs it is me whos playing and not my son but they ignore this because they don't want to see the truth.And again they are claiming I am not Poul to stop this review on Trustpilot, it's just unreal how poor this casino handles its customers, I and my son use the same email service that's why you think you received mails from my son, it's a simple setting that is set wrong, we use allies email addresses but we both got the same mailbox/mail hotel, I know my son tried to explain how email works to you, but that mail has properly gone ignored as the rest of the mails either one of us has sent to you.And, as I've said here and in multiple emails to you, bitstarz, ill be more then happy to make a video call so you can see ME and if you truly have danish speaking people ill be more then happy to talk with you too.The better question is why would you refuse to do a video call when you know I am not me? could it be you don't want to know the truth? so you can't hide the fact that this truly is a scam casino that steals the customer's money.In regards to there last comment, to yet again attempt to stop this review.I absolutely agree that no one should make multiple accounts and it is against the rules at all casinos in the world.But i do not have multiple accounts as you claim, i got one account in my name, my son has one closed account in his name, there's no other casino in the world that would call that multiple accounts, not even any other people on this planet would claim that 2 people each having their own account would be multiple accounts for one customer, it just makes 0 sense, so please do send all the proof you think you have, it will show 2 different names on two different people, and it will clearly show my name with only a single account.
Poul Madsen.
09 Apr 2020 by Trustpilot

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