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Upon signing up I was given a bonus

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Upon signing up I was given a deposit match of $250. I decided to try my luck on roulette, after winning a bit, I checked the balance to see what the terms were of this bonus balance. It said I had to wager $10,000 ($200,000 on roulette if that’s the case as it is 5%, while slots are 100%)In reading that I decided to go and put it on the slots in order to wager the $10,000 I had to wager. After I managed to wager that amount and get rid of the bonus bet, I had a total of $4500 to withdraw. I requested my cash out and was asked to verify a number of documents. I then went to sleep to see what the update was the next morning.Upon waking up I received an email saying apparently this welcome bonus has been used on “The same IP address”. I asked for any sort of proof and they said that they cannot disclose other customer personal information which is completely fair enough. Their validation of this was that “it was the same browser used as you”.At the end of the day, I was not allowed to cash out and only received my $250 in my account. After the bonus wasn’t even on my account and should have been no stress withdrawable money.They make it impossible to cash out any of the bonus money to entice players to deposit more of their own cash and lose more. Shocking customer service the whole time, would never play with these guys online. All they’re trying to do is take your money, but not be like a casino and pay the wins you receive.Shocking, “same IP address” is also extremely false as no one in the same household as me gambles or has ever been on this website. False accusations just to give me a point you cannot argue with, as if you ask for proof they say “the proof is on my system here, but I cannot disclose this to you” which essentially puts you in a position of having no way to argue.Disgusting customer service.
18 Feb 2020 by Trustpilot

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