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True how its works.

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Hi, just let this People understand how its works. You get chance get put for this bussines.1. YOU READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS (any casino get one,its said all rights keep casino, anything could happen its your fault. If you are client you Come with money welcome to lose. Thats said all casino dosnt matter how many stars they have, first think casino not a Lucky thats is your time and your visual game, they this is easy money to Come pay taxes did anyone know how much cost license for 1 yera its 700 000 Euros Who pays for that client so before you go ON casino think this is your time to spend them not a Lucky Day you pay them fir your time.I was in that bussines do games, 10 person IT mans do java scripts do the game, simple they Made game, they work for them they Come out before you see was tested if thats run out its go out to made money from client šo you pay for game which been Made. You get chance to win 10 of 100 % you know 10 each one have time limits, budget colculator how much get in how much get out simple one Day give out other takes BACK you know casino never lose they money because all money do People put one in Cage casino takes all any time. One IT man works 8h Day shift to programm the game whatching 10 TV screens all togher its big masive IT room they get paid for this but they never play by themselves. Anything its do by game software all calculating do software and always win thats Who Made that game but not you. This online casino or live casino its just put your money ON the bin. Casino is they grab money out from People easy way pay big taxes and do corumption Black easy money by internet. Never play but if you work this industrial its big masive fake bussines by internet. Lets take look you win 100 000but have to pay out by days by months by time limits because they dont own the money they Made money to pay out give some chance to win you win būt get BACK lose More like you win. Just take a look how much you win and how much you lose. People brain think o yes put 200 win 3 000 fir that period you pay in 7 000 you are still minuss. Look casino always win any chance of keep pluss is 10% thats costs but colculated out they win More, they not lose if they are they go close that. So think I said go away from any casino do not try even thats like smoke you never stop. For live casinos that same situation ON the box you get screen couple of keyboards start and stop but this cage looks like fully with money, not its by 2X2 cage small plugs other site like compjuter and small software box thats programme with games and some like music and lights 6 cables in thats all you got in nothing that bif cage for that looks nice but empty take a time save bay something or spend you life do not spend this ON games they win you loses any time as longe you put money in you are loser.
Arturs Dreimanis
19 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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