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This casino blows hard They ask for…

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This casino blows hard They ask for the impossible when verifying your account. they can’t withdrawl to Canadians lol. Why not let us know before we deposit. When it comes to depositing all online casinos have no problem with that when u try to make a withdrawl they always come up with some kind off excuse. U might win once in a while but is worth wasting ur hard earned money to fill British scum pockets. Their all scum. Five star ratings when u look up theirs review Ha. They write their own reviews five stars ya rite. Their all nothing but a bunch of crooks. It should b illegal wat their doing and don’t believe askgambler or the pogg for advise every casino they recommended I’ve neen ripped of by. I’m sick of depositing, spin and lose make a dollar bet and winning 10 cents. 100$ in 15 mins. Lol. Their laughing all all of us. All the way to their British bank Nothing but pure SCUM. I’ve just been ripped of by there sister site as well. Go wild casino. Another winner. Same thing. Go to make a withdrawl and they closed my account because I signed out off bitstarz because I blew 4-5 hundred dollars in about 4 hrs. These casinos scamming casinos gotta go. Straight to hell. I’ve made a complaint to the pogg. We will c how they stand up as teustworthy
BlowMe7 trada
07 Apr 2019 by Trustpilot

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