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the best online casino out there guys, and remember to play it small because it is online. Let me tell you of my biggest win at a live casino, I walk in with 1000 dollars and come out with 85,000 dollars. All through live roulette. And because of lockdown I cannot play in live casinos. But here things are super, I will play live blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat and based on my luck on that day I would win. If I am having a lucky day, then I would sit in my mancave, and bet like this, I must have at least 100 bets, and that's how you would beat any casino. Not with martingale mind you, as that's the way to burn a hole in your pockets, but bet a stream for a river. So you got a 100 bets, put 5 or 6 in roulette and whatever profits you make like say you got up to 110, then start betting big, with half the profits, and whatever profits come you take half out, and whatever remains on the 2nd time of taking profits, you keep doubling it and if a really lucky day you walk out with 50 or 60 times your investment and on a worst day you still walk out with 1.1 times what you came in, but if your unlucky day you will lose your buyin. So my advice stick to only live casino and bet only on your lucky days and enjoy your winnings :)
Ashish Verma
21 Apr 2020 by Trustpilot

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