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Received 60 spins after my first…

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Received 60 spins after my first Deposit, but they decline to give me the rest and have blacklisted my account simply because my girlfriend registered on her mobile connected to my Wi-Fi..First support communication gave me my first 3 x 20 - etc 60 Total Spins, and told me I would receive the rest throughout the next days. But I never received anything.So I just contacted support again after referring my cousin to the site and he was ready to make a deposit on his new account while standing right next to me (this time luckily connected through his own phone service....), but your lack of support & treatment towards a paying account clearly proved to him NOT TO, which is sad, cause you just scared away another potential customer I could voug for, beside the ones coming in through my affiliate link site. But don't let your Wife, Husband, Girlfriend, Uncle, Neighbour, Grandad & Granmom, Sister, Brother or anyone you know register through the same ip.Disregarding the IP didn't continue to create 3-4-5-10 or even a hundred accounts, you'll still be profiled as a abuserPromote your ref link on a college, I guess your account will be absolutely useless when it comes to simple bonuses that are eligible once in a while, completely locked out..Sad story, but true.Update: are directly Conspiring and scamming people by promoting and censoring every single BAD REVIEW !Twice have they disabled my account for no reason other than my complaint !
Mike Han Zen'Zen
18 Jul 2019 by Trustpilot

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