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Do not deposit money. Stay away from scam site.

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this case is procedurally wrong. there is precedent. this decision cannot be made. If so, then all deposits must be repaid by the same law. whatever the right is, you have to apply it. earning was deleted, right. I did not know. If I knew, I would not have lost for 7-8 months and deposited money in the same way.. Casino law enforced. That's right. That's right. That's okay. I accept this law.. With the same law I am asking now;1-) I deposited for months, I violated it over and over, why didn't you say why?2-) Why did you watch him deposit so much money and lose money that he couldn't get even if he wins while playing to win unknowingly? Why did you make an unfair profit? What penalty should you be given for this injustice?( Licance operatör!! )3-) why don't you apply the same law for my lost deposits? According to this law, you have to give them too.4-) You accept Turkish players. Why did not you make a Turkish page and I could see the bonus terms. Missing service, defective service.5-) Why post the bonus terms on the other bonus rules page and in a small and other foreign language that no one will see. I do not have my language, but there is acceptance. this is defective incomplete service6-) You have to follow the same rule and return all my currencies to Bitcoin,ethereum and my euros.7-) If she cares about the laws and makes an excuse, what do you think about them?8-) As you can see, you have a lot of mistakes. What do we do now? What punishment will we give you?Which idiot casino employee who made this decision. ignorant and stupid.Because ; All my old 7-8 months deposits, all this bonus was taken and violated. I didn't know the limit because. And if he wipes out the win with this bonus law and returns the deposited money, he should apply the same bonus law for all other bets, doesn't he know? This stupid casino employee should be dismissed immediately. It is unacceptable for people to covet their money in this way. The law will ask for it in this way. There is a very clear violation of law. the rule must be applied and all the deposits I played with unfair infringement from me should be returned because they said and applied it.All my previous deposits have received this bonus. If the casino is going to enforce this rule, it should also apply to my losses. Also why did not warn 7-8 months in advance. All received the same bonus. They said after waiting for me why. this rule was accepted, the earnings were deleted and the money I deposited was returned. If I lost then the money that was canceled and deposited with the same rule should be refunded.. It is the same rule. If there is a rule when I win, there is a rule when I lose, because there is an unjust loss. The casino knew this, but because I did not know, I played in vain. We learned that whenever I won, I couldn't get it anyway. That's why the casino got unfair earnings and I keyed unfair money. I don't know that I have placed a bet that I can not get even if I win for 7-8 months. They all bet bigger than 5 $$. Now either the rule is applied, 3500 $ is not paid, the old money deposits are obliged to give them back as there is the same bonus violation. The law says this. Or the old investments were lost valid and now $ 3500 earned and must be paid. Both options are possible. Whichever one is desired suits me. It must be fair. Either all are valid or all are invalid. Because the violation is the same. The same law was broken. either apply for all and give back other deposits or accept for all and pay the winnings. The prophet has a saying that says; Anyone who does not react to an injustice is a mute demon...... are you devilGambling licance your mission ; You say Bitstarz Casino ; This player you delete ok you right.Yes 12.bonus term condition ok yes right you delete And back pay depozit ok good.For same bonus 12. Term condition This player 7-8 month same depozit And take bets big 5$$ ...You pay ago aşk depozit player.This right This say.Why you not say????Me right or casinos right?Why This not say not give penalty casinos?And And ASKGAMBLERS you say now me right or casinos right?send me bonus term you send This This Why you not say This casınos???Me right?Me profff.Why not speak??When Where is the justice?Chat transcriptHello. How may I help you?Ask your question here below and I'll do my very best to help you :) 👇 ercan 04:06:51 am Why you my ago depozit not pay?Me take 5$$ more bets ago?
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