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Fees are exorbitant, whether in...

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Fees are exorbitant, whether in Bitfinex I paid 0.01% per trade, in BITSO I paid 1% per transaction. They don't have a stop-loss, trailing-loss, short position feature which leaves you vulnerable to volatility, and you can only really profit during bull markets instead of both ways. The overall interface is very intuitive and well designed, even better than other larger exchanges I've used, but the trading interface is lacking (again in stop-loss, etc.). They have few altcoins which is disappointing seeing as they're the largest exchange in Mexico; a huge wasted opportunity in my opinion (and they don't even have to implement 100 different coins, but perhaps the top 10 or so). When asked if they would add, they politely replied that they won't add any more coins. Chart platform is absolutely rubbish in that you cannot really do anything but watch, which itself seems to go against their goal of "improving the finance infrastructure in Mexico". There's no integration with basic trading charts; even Cryptocompare has more features and it is not an exchange. Overall: Great potential, but if competition enters their market they'll be in trouble.
22 Mar 2018 by CryptoCompare

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