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Bitso is cool

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Bitso is cool, I just made some real nice profit here and decided to post this review.I make a lot more on Binance but Bitso is giving me some x3 profits from time to time.Making REAL MONEY with crypto trading, while STAYING SAFE!, is all about buying before an announcement that will have a positive impact on the market takes place. Or the second that announcement was made. Example: PayPal announced that it will accept cryptos in 2021 and as a result the price of BTC skyrocketed. All who have access to custom announcement software, that scan 24/7 twitter, exchange platform etc, get notified by SMS the second that announcement was made.They are the ones who make the most profit. I have a software like this, a good coder will do it for under $10k.If you're waiting for the online publications to post this you are a few hours late. If you're sleeping 12 hours late, that's 10% less.When a good news is out that day it's 100% sure profit. Even 10x! Just take a look at the charts and you will see the light. Don't ever gamble with your money when the market is red.Decentraland (MANA), and Civic (CVC) have been listed on Coinbase on November 5th. See the price increase that day, go take a look at the charts.It's that simple, yet people decide to join pump and dumps. Don't follow influencers, all they feed you is lies, all they do is pump some BS in exchange for some coins.PS: Here is a good one. POA Network (POA) on Binanace. Big announcement coming. Buy now or before 11/10/2020. You will make 8x or 10x. Sell before 11/13/2020.
Juliet Rennicks
07 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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