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This is amazing !

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Last week i reached to level Platinum 3 ( there is 9 main level in bitsler starts from iron and ends in diamond legend , platinum is level 5, every basic level like platinum has 4 steps level like platinum level 3) i tried so hard and deposite around 1k$ to reach it but the mistake i made was i didnt have any strategy at all ! I deposited , click on max then divided into 4 and play ! And idk why but somehow i blame bitsler for what i lost !Then bitsler did something very nice that no one does : they give me 2 free chest! Because of what i lost in 2 days! This website is truely amazing and Gustavo is a best CEO i ever see or heared in my life , i played , made mistakes and lost but level up , ive just upset and they make it up for me . I respect this site and greatfull for the amazing customer care ever ! Thanks
Mohammadreza Bagheri
21 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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