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People of the world Before you play on the Bitsler site and gamble your money, read the following article: Do not lose your money because this site is no way to get rich.On the contrary, it is a trap designed to impoverish youThe site of a politician and a scam in the style of a new dictatorship is something like the rule of the mullahs in Iran, for example, it takes all your capital from you and then, like beggars, gives you a few dollars Coupon in a daily race And And the illiterate mullahs and rulers of Iran sell all the country's capital like oil and deposit it in their accounts in a Swiss bank, and then you subsidize the people with two dollars.All users who bring big wins are from the site itself for your temptationIt may give you some winnings, but at the end of the game it will bankrupt you.Behind the site control panel there are settings that set the percentage of luck and loss for you.Only by daring and trying 100 times can I tell you and all the players that the site administrator has specified a meter and contour to win a certain amount of money.For example, if you do not spend $ 2,00, you will not win $ 1,00But it is strange that all users have said good things about it because no one understands what is behind the site panel and most of the Pakistani users are looking for the site faucet and do not enter the site should know that I am a hacker and I am familiar with the servers and panels of such sites, so know that I am not a normal user.At first I thought all these games were random and based on equations, but then I accessed a server like this site and saw that a program was running on the site server that created one or more nodes in the game.When you are looking for a win over one hundred dollars, you will never reach it because the site is programmed with a meter that will not give it to you until you miss it twice. They only give away $ 400 per hour lotory to their executives like Mistercoin or Abdulllh for which you have earned a lot of money.If they were right that it was a coincidence why did I not see it once given to a poor or Pakistani user?They use their own users and display a BIG wins And High roll on the site and publish it in chat and telegram so that we are tempted to play.I tried a hundred times and could not get results.If there is a law in your country, complain to this site and get your money back, and for this reason, they have banned the US IP because there is a law in the United States and they are abusing them.
robert krockette
21 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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