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For 3 years i spend more than 4 hours…

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For 3 years i spend more than 4 hours every day of my life in bitsler ,and I always said Bitsler was the best online casino in the world. Because of games, bonuses and promotions, chatrooms and rains , nice modes, cool contest daily . But after the last update and added sport bet in Bitsler everything destroyed and I'm very sad. Idk what is version 2 and 3 of seeds! What is that? Every single deposite bust in 10 minutes no matter how od when you play . No coupon, empty chatrooms, and what happened to chatrooms rains? What happened to coupon? I was trying to level up last night from lvl1 of Platinum to next one ,I got 5 bust in a row with automated 1.01x target !! And when I leveled up and opened my chest, guess what? I got 25$! Is there any logic reason that I cant get it? Because level up means you try harder for bigger rewards! I opened 275$ in previous chest , even from bronze to gold I got 50$ ! So you expect me to play to reach to the next level ? For what ? For 12.5$?
Mohammadreza Bagheri
12 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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