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Lost $700 in double charges - Bitpay refused to investigate or reimburse

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I was in love with the Bitpay idea in the beginning. I then took a trip and was double charged by airport coffee shops and airline baggage fees. I sent in a request for verification and restoration of my account. I never heard anything from them. I sent the request in 5 times. On time #5, they sent a message back to stop sending in the information. I called many times and the operators had nothing to tell me. They recommended that I keep emailing. After 6 months of attempting to get them to respond, they finally emailed me and told me to call. I called and the operator told me they had rejected my claim of double billing, because too much time had expired. They also charged me "non use" fees because I have been waiting to get a response before using the card any longer. This cost me approximately $700. I will NEVER use this card again and I will warn people sternly to cut up the card, don't use it. They are NOT backing you and will not help you when you need backed by YOUR credit card processing company. I am highly disappointed. Daniel Daves
Daniel Daves
28 Nov 2018 by Trustpilot

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