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A payment processing service provider for both individuals and for businesses.

let's go live, uhmmmm not

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05 Apr, 2020 after reviewing a number of crypto payment gateways, bitpay is selected primarily due to their attractive and simple offer, easy setup and relatively strait-forward integration requirements.Required information for checks, approval, and ancillary requirements is submitted. The application is approved and completed the same day, 05 Apr, 2020.So far, so good.Time and resources are allocated to proceed with the integration. Final testing is done on the 17th Apr, 2020, almost 2 weeks after signing up.2 live transactions are processed on their payment network, as progress is made towards sign-off and finalization on the integration, as:* KYjezAXBFoN6vzRDZ26i7S* CPLkZj1DEgpwVvpyKj1eZyLiterally hours before going live, the account is closed.Request for further information received as "unable to determine the type of commerce you and/or your business conducts based on the information provided on your application and/or from your website".That which is peculiar is the account was already approved (then it's unapproved).A response is sent on 19th.This is on a 3 day specified response window.A follow up is sent again, on 23rd Apr, 2020.Nothing.Non-responsive.Account closed.Gone silent.Before embarking on a sign-up and integration, be prepared in that your account may be suddenly closed without prior warning or notice. And without any response and / or resolve. And then given the "silent treatment".
Mark Berchowitz
03 May 2020 by Trustpilot

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