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A payment processing service provider for both individuals and for businesses.

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Blocks payments from some wallets due …

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Blocks payments from some wallets due to petty politics. Payments take ages to get from them to the merchant. Don't expect to buy something then get i... Read more

BitPay 15 Jan 2018 via Trustpilot

BitPay decided that due to "miner fee" …

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BitPay decided that due to "miner fee" anything below $50/42Eur is theirs for the taking.. not only I had to pay 65euro for the card and I'm not getti... Read more

BitPay 09 Jan 2018 via Trustpilot

Bitpay is a scam in my view

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Bitpay is a scam in my view. Endless customer support calls with no resolution. They take your money and run. Stay away from them.

BitPay 15 Dec 2017 via Trustpilot

Horrible company.

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Horrible company.Just horrible.If you value your money and your sanity...STAY AWAY !!!Reason for this Bad Review:For many transactions, BitPay will re... Read more

BitPay 15 Nov 2017 via Trustpilot

Broken sytem, horrible customer service, don't waste your time...

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have been weeks trying to get a card, I have invested so much time I don't want to give up. I have come to part to upload Proof of address. I tried 5... Read more

BitPay 24 Oct 2017 via Trustpilot

This is a company where you cannot …

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This is a company where you cannot speak to anyone and their transfer fees are 35. percent of transaction most other brokers are 1 percent I found out... Read more

BitPay 29 Aug 2017 via Trustpilot

These people are not replying any …

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These people are not replying any support messages and they have $600 of my cash I want refunded! This is absolutely unreal in the modern day to not r... Read more

BitPay 24 Aug 2017 via Trustpilot

Do not trust! EDIT: They finally replied.

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I paid for my card. Now I cannot sign into my account, and I'm sure the password is correct as I have it written down.Went on forgot password and ente... Read more

BitPay 06 Aug 2017 via Trustpilot

It is a good bitcoin wallet

5 Accepted

It is a good bitcoin wallet. The website is easy to use. The verification process is simple. The payment gateway allows to pay through QR code and als... Read more

BitPay 02 Jul 2017 via Trustpilot

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