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Still missing my withdrawal

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Following on from my previous reviews, I am still missing my withdrawal.I received a more helpful response from Bitpanda last week. Apparently, there had a technical issue with my UK bank account. This took a while to resolve due to waiting on correspondence from my UK bank. My money was credited back to my Bitpanda account and I was assured the issue was now corrected and that future withdrawals would be smooth. Low and behold, I withdrew my money last Thursday and once again it has not arrived in my bank account. This is obviously contrary to what I was told in the response noted above. I have followed up with Bitpanda, but so far have received no response. Response times remain abysmal and I am now back to square one. There seems to be no external correspondence from Bitpanda on this (I can't see anything on their twitter around this). I can't be the only person this is affecting (indeed, there are some other similar below) and surely this is something important to provide an update on? It really beggars belief that the only way to contact a company, which can hold on to significant sums of money of its customers, is via a web page form. Can you imagine if a bank followed the same process and took so long (now over 7 weeks) to resolve a substantial missing withdrawal?The crypto industry truly has a long way to go to provide the same level of trust and security as you would expect from other financial companies. I am so unbelievably frustrated with this whole process. I cannot wait until it is resolved so I never have to use this company again.UPDATE 15.01: I received a response this morning and have been refunded my withdrawal along with a possible solution to my withdrawal issues. Hopefully third time is the charm!
Matthew O'Shaughnessy
14 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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