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An exchange which facilitates users to exchange fiat for cryptocurrency.

High Fees-Technical issues

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I am associated with bitpanda for a very long time. Recently, I am getting frustrated with them. They close down site when large price movements and volume trading and blame technical difficulties.…(Jan 2nd and 3rd). Bitpanda used to be good, simple, reliable, customer friendly before. Now, their response is just cut and paste messaging like (the same common reply). As usual, greediness kicks in when a small company wish to become billion dollar company (Forbes list etc etc). It leads to loosing the hard earned trust. When the market is all time high, users are unable to sell due to so called "technical issue". I am not sure whether this was a technical issue or planned market manipulation. Please beware of their fees. Sometimes you end up paying 5% to 8% which is too much. (if one coin is 100 euro, you may need to pay 110 euro. And after buying you notice you only have 80 euro worth of coin. Again, again, I noticed this). I think, they have automated programme to calculate the peak and fall of curves and earn from them perhaps. Please sell after checking the price in other exchanges. I wish they also support the people who invested in PAN at the beginning. In conclusion, I have mixed feelings about the exchange. Many coin. Simple. Fees extremely high. They focus very much on their own coin (BEST, PAN). I really hope, in 2021, they will regain some of the trust they lost during 2020. I wish all the best for them
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06 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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