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Deposits (and withdrawals?): very difficult verification process

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I tried to set myself up with a user account on Bitpanda because I'm no longer totally convinced that the big non-EU crypto exchanges are safe. I got a link from a friend for a 20 Euro Christmas Sign-up Bonus and thought: 'hey, this seems like a good chance to get going on Bitpanda'.Unfortunately, during the ID confirmation process, the operator could not see the watermark in my passport, no matter how I flicked the passport and changed the lighting. I was then asked to use a link and do it all via iPhone. The link was to a site that crashed numerous times until I finally gave up. No account, no bonus, no help from Bitpanda. On the plus side, I now have cash to take my family out for sushi and drinks when the COVID-lockdown ends ;-)Why this review when I never even got to deposit money, let alone buy crypto? Well, I figure that if it is this hard to get verified for deposits, just imagine how much trouble you're in if you want to withdraw funds. Unless some kind of magic happens and I get accepted, get my bonus, and am able to trade, I think there are far easier-to-use options out there than Bitpanda.
Nikolaj Strømkjær
04 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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