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An exchange which facilitates users to exchange fiat for cryptocurrency.

Avoid at all cost if you are a non-EU resident !!

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I have been a Bitpanda customer for many years until they treated me like some kind of garbage to be thrown away giving me ****3 days****, without any official reason, to withdraw all funds from my account. They told me I would lose access to any remaining funds after ***3 days***.Well, first of all, I was lucky enough to read their e-mail on time... next I was instantly forced to sell all my assets (at a non-desired price) and withdraw everything in fiat currency to my SEPA bank account.You cannot trust such companies when they behave in that manner, you cannot make long-term investments or any kind of plans, you just can't! The risk is not worth it.I finally figured they kicked me out due to my country of residence which they knew about/accepted since day 1 (but even that they wouldn't tell me), despite my European nationalities, my SEPA bank account and having been a loyal and active customer for many years!They couldn't care less about you, they will embrace you when joining and kick you out like garbage whenever it suits them!Of course they will always politely apologise and tell you it's not their fault.Are you a European citizen expatriated to a non-EU country or maybe are you planning to expatriate in the near future: your (future) country of residence might be on the acceptance list today, tomorrow it might not anymore.You have been warned...Answer to Bitpanda's reply:Thank you for apologising but the harm is done.If you cannot comment publicly, just don't. No need for your ready to copy&paste answers.In contrast we can, we can comment, state facts, share our experience and warn others.There are better ways to treat your customers, even when having to close their account, even if it is for legal reasons, having to comply with new regulations or whatsoever.A good start could be to explain why the closure is needed after being a loyal customer for such a long time, next could be to allow for some time to let one find another exchange that can be trusted or hard wallet, where coins could be transferred to instead of forcing your unprepared customers to sell everything urgently and possibly at loss. The way you treated me out is not regulated by any agency nor government, it was your own choice, and this review is the "way too cheap" price you have to pay for.
08 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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