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An exchange which facilitates users to exchange fiat for cryptocurrency.

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5 Declined

Well done Bipanda Team! Very reliable platform for transactions.

Bitpanda 09 May 2017 via Trustpilot

Timely and reliable

5 Declined

Timely and reliable

Bitpanda 04 May 2017 via Trustpilot

I Have given 4 stars …

4 Accepted

I Have given 4 stars instead of 5 because some of the website is in german including the final payment page if using credit card like I d... Read more

Bitpanda 30 Apr 2017 via Trustpilot

In general lines the exchange...

5 Accepted

In general lines the exchange is good as well their customer support. Sometimes takes more than usual average time to process buy or sell transactions... Read more

Bitpanda 18 Apr 2017 via CryptoCompare

BitPanda Rocks

5 Accepted

BitPanda Rocks. Super Easy and super fast. Would recommend to everyone.

Bitpanda 10 Apr 2017 via Trustpilot

excellent service

5 Accepted

The support is very helpful, the service is easy to use and convenient.I recommend it.

Bitpanda 07 Apr 2017 via Trustpilot

Excellent service quick.

5 Declined

Recommended exchange. Fast transactions

Bitpanda 28 Mar 2017 via Trustpilot

Congratulations, Excellent service

5 Accepted

You are a pride for the business world.I had an excellent and exceptional experience in buying bitcoins that I made with you. You are the best.I will... Read more

Bitpanda 28 Mar 2017 via Trustpilot


5 Declined

Very easy and safe

Bitpanda 26 Mar 2017 via Trustpilot

Quality service

5 Declined

Reliable and high security, excellent customer service. I feel safe using Bitpanda

Bitpanda 22 Mar 2017 via Trustpilot

Excellent Company

5 Accepted

This is a company that takes its business and yours seriously, does all the right checks, is efficient and in which you can have full confidence.

Bitpanda 16 Mar 2017 via Trustpilot

Poor customer service

3 Accepted

My experience is the same as another reviewer - funds transferred on 7th Feb and 2 weeks later no replies and no contact to advise when bitcoin will b... Read more

Bitpanda 21 Feb 2017 via Trustpilot

Yes I am recomenda bitpanda

5 Declined

I love because I am learn About the Bitcoin and when I buy is faster Natalia

Bitpanda 19 Feb 2017 via Trustpilot

Customer service fail

2 Declined

Really slow responses, unhelpful.

Bitpanda 02 Feb 2017 via Trustpilot

Horrible Customer Care

1 Accepted

10 days ago I transferred money to bitpanda and have been ignored ever since.The customer care is terrible, ignores you and is very unfriendly when it... Read more

Bitpanda 31 Jan 2017 via Trustpilot


4 Accepted

Excellent service, really quick, the verifying process is really good. I am just missing to buy bigger amounts through debit card

Bitpanda 26 Jan 2017 via Trustpilot

Almost perfect!

4 Accepted

Nice service, nicely done in english, but payment process is in german language only. But it's fairly simple and I was able to complete it without has... Read more

Bitpanda 20 Jan 2017 via Trustpilot

Poor customer support, lacks payment methods

3 Accepted

Customer support takes a few days to reply when they reply and they usually do not bother helping you.I was asking them to unlock the SMS verification... Read more

Bitpanda 16 Jan 2017 via Trustpilot

Profesionnal and available

5 Accepted

Very profesionnal. I've done three transactions with them so far and I'm very satisfied. The first time I paied via SEPA transfer, as it takes longer... Read more

Bitpanda 09 Jan 2017 via Trustpilot

Very professional

4 Accepted

Like the setup, software clean and easy to use. Only issue I had is some of the process to transfer money from debit card was in German, managed to ha... Read more

Bitpanda 06 Jan 2017 via Trustpilot

BitPanda have been excellent. Desp …

5 Accepted

BitPanda have been excellent. Despite clearly having some "issues" one day, their communications were clear and quick. Their new multifactor authent... Read more

Bitpanda 30 Dec 2016 via Trustpilot

5 hours at least

4 Accepted

Take about 5 hours to settle the change from Bitpanda to Paypal, although the charges were somewhat high from Paypal. I´ll do it again if need a fast... Read more

Bitpanda 26 Dec 2016 via Trustpilot

Best way to get your BTC to PayPal

5 Accepted

Was looking for a way to do it for quite a while, it's hard to find a way..Finally I found this site. Transferred btc to it and withdrew to paypal. Re... Read more

Bitpanda 24 Dec 2016 via Trustpilot

Super fast and reliable.

5 Accepted

Worked as advertised, sold them some BTC and got my money in under a minute.

Bitpanda 13 Dec 2016 via Trustpilot

Did exactly as they advertised

5 Accepted

Been looking for an easy way to convert bitcoins in to cash as I have client that pays me in them.This service worked just as advertised, was simple t... Read more

Bitpanda 13 Dec 2016 via Trustpilot

Fast and easy.

5 Accepted

Was my first trade of Bitcoins... it was very fast and really easy. Always again...

Bitpanda 10 Dec 2016 via Trustpilot

Missing an amount of Bitcoin/EUR ??

2 Accepted

I haven't received a transaction still prior to this one ? I received an email stating that I didn't send the exact amount necessary, so it just doesn... Read more

Bitpanda 05 Dec 2016 via Trustpilot

Fast service. All fees displayed.

5 Accepted

I was sceptical about converting my BTC to real-life money, but it all came through and couldn't have been easier. Will definitely be using them again... Read more

Bitpanda 01 Dec 2016 via Trustpilot

Thank you, bitpanda!

5 Accepted

This was my first bitcoin purchase ever and it worked like a charm. Excellent service and all was really fast. I am glad I found bitpanda

Bitpanda 25 Nov 2016 via Trustpilot

Fast service

5 Accepted

I got my bitcoins very fast, payment by credit card was painless (although the payment page was in German).

Bitpanda 24 Nov 2016 via Trustpilot

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