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small reviews to update (fresh user):<br/><br/>finaly got throught KYC level 1 after 4 days. <br/><br/>small reviews to update (fresh user):<br/><br/>* First the GUI is just awfull. for example in the trading view, you can't see order book ask and bid at the same time ! (advice to clik on old version buton)<br/>* you can download history of you transaction only a month back !<br/>* there in no order book deth graph<br/>* no BTC pair (only USD)<br/>* when you contact supuport you receive an automatic mail that is probably suppose to be receive by the support team<br/>* you have no history of action done on your account !<br/><br/>So Bitkub will receive a lot of bx user that is closing but feature and gui are behind bx, hope for them they will improve quickly. huobi thailand looks more promising . still will give a shot in the mean time
07 Sep 2019 by CryptoCompare

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