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Mdah, Half of my BTC...

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Mdah, Half of my BTC and LTC I have is thanks to this guys! There are many issues but for sure they are best out there in cloud mining. I will write pros and cons they have and before that even tho every problem i recommend investing with hem, So here are my issues and pros they have:<br/>PROS:<br/>1 One of the best payouts <br/>2 Cold and Hot wallet system<br/>3 Mobile Application is just supppperr<br/>4 Support is just really quick sometimes they respond within minutes, my max waiting time was 7 hours.<br/>5 Really transparent team and the process of mining place and so on<br/>6 Easiness of withdrawal <br/>7 Last but not least having your income and good ROI (Litceoin contracts, for now, are pretty profitable)<br/>CONS:<br/>1 There is no Visa/Master card payment<br/>2 More detailed statistics needed for earnings and so on\<br/>3 The calculator will be nice for those who have not invested yet<br/>4 BTC contract price is pretty high
22 May 2018 by CryptoCompare

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