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WORST company ever. Dont do...

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WORST company ever. Dont do businesses with china based companies! As you may know their crappy system doesnt see ETH in wallet if you sent ETH with smart contract AKA almost all exchanges send money via smart contract and this crappy company dont see your money even if you can see it in your BitFinex wallet via blockchain explorer. So my 1ETH wasnt in my BItfinex wallet, o opened ticket, after 2days of no replay-another. Also in that time they took my 1ETH from my bitfinex wallet! After 5 days i got email from them. THis is their response: "<br/>Hello Tomas<br/>Your funds are in your account. Withdraw all funds and never use our platform again." They BANNED me from using their exchange (buy/sell feature) ALso their stupid system instead of buying me 14 NEO, bough 13.99 and you CAN NOT send NEO in decimal amounts, so their system stole from me 0.99 NEO cause i can not send it to my wallet and can not buy more to make it integer number, because they banned my account from buying/selling.<br/>You should NEVER use company that intentionally harms you! You can not trust them with your funds, you never know when you gonna be next victim of their "support".
12 Sep 2017 by CryptoCompare

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