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They put a competition with and claim that players can win 25K USD I read the rules of the competition, I put 3500 USD (about 8.7 million volume of UOS trading) of my 5500 USD in fees to win the competition and they rewarded me with 900 USD instead of 10K USD for the first place. They set arbitrarily the final board of the competition to give win to their influent partner and put them at 1st place. I talked to some of other players and figured out the bitfinex final board make nonsense. I can't do anything even after few claiming.. I will leave it soonI've already contacted the support, they have no response for me.. Why don't they just show the total volume of each player next to they nickname on the final board? Nobody knows but now we know.PS: It's a good place to trade but don't ever participate with one of their competition, you will never win even if you get strong evidences.
Franck Ntilika
25 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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