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The world is going crazy

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The world is going crazy, banks refusing to do business with crypto exchanges and now the other way around. Bitfinex won't make FIAT payments to regulated institutions such as e-money institutions.The EU defines E-money institutions as "organisations that have been authorised to issue electronic money". These are fintech companies that facilitate the transfer of funds via debit cards and mobile phone apps, they are authorised and considered legit by the European Payment Council to issue IBANs and make SEPA payments, these are accredited and authorised institutions who fully verify their clients identity, just like the exchanges do, but apparently the compliance team at Bitfinex knows better than the European Payment Council and won't allow payments to these institutions. What a shame, they act like the little tyrants at Revolut who won't make or accept payments from exchanges. I won't come back until they start acting normal.
23 Jul 2018 by Trustpilot

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