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+ THE BEST support.<br/>+ Constant...

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+ THE BEST support.<br/>+ Constant improvements.<br/>+ High volume/liquidity<br/>+ Big pool of tokens/pairs<br/><br/>- Verification process<br/>- Withdrawal problems<br/><br/> Bitfinex is a great place to trade. Its market has high volume and provides high liquidity, the platform itself is very customizable and offers loads of useful tools. It does have its drawbacks such as the verification process and sometimes withdraws but those are somewhat mitigated by the constant improvement of the platform and the awesome work of the support team. The old verification process has been revised and now it is much simpler and faster, although it still needs a little more work, and the withdrawal problems are dealt with quickly by the support team, whom I might add are the best I ever encountered in any kind of service. Bitfinex is therefore my choice for trading and I think that if you are serious about trading it is worth taking a look at it.
06 Dec 2020 by CryptoCompare

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