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Lost access to my 2FA...

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Lost access to my 2FA 2 months ago. Had 2 online wallets and cc spread across 4 exchanges. All other wallets and exchanges, including Bittrex, & Yobit responded and i regained access within 1/2 weeks tops. BITFINEX direct you to their online form in which you convey your issue, send and in return receive a 'ticket number' to your email with standardized generic acknowledgement wording.<br/><br/>2 months on, after 12 chaser emails from me to them, an attempt to resubmit my issue, which of course prompted another ticket number and there has been still no response, no acknowledgment, nothing...<br/><br/>The absolute worse customer resolution service. Especially when factoring in the level of security that it demanded when signing up i.e. Photo of the individual, passport, drivers licence etc. <br/><br/>I understand the steep sharp rise in number of users in recent weeks, but there is no place in ANY industry for a SHITE service like this. <br/><br/>Absolute disgrace.
06 Jan 2018 by CryptoCompare

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