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Jumping around.. Cannot scroll.. Ridiculous

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I used to be a big BitFinex fan, but recently it's dawned on my JUST HOW AWFUL the UI is.. I mean.. I'm trying to use this site (which is very good for seeing what's going on and has great graphs and data, and easy transaction system.. more or less).. And anyway, I'm trying to use this site, and my screen is just jumping all around the place, Trying to scroll down the page on the trading section is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE. The site is absolutely utterly unusable. It's massively upsetting that they can't sort this out. (BitFinex requested to remove this review and TrustPilot removed it for some reason but I have put it back and hopefully when TrustPilot try to remove it again I will inquire as to why BitFinex has not allowed me to voice my opinion of BitFinex on TrustPilot)(I'm getting sick and tired of companies/websites requesting removal of reviews on TrustPilot just because they can't handle some negative and truthful feedback, they seem to think I am working for some competitor or something, which I'm not. Shame BitFinex can't just handle a bit of negative feedback.)
05 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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