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I've been trading cryptos for many months on several platforms. I believe my experience can help.<br/><br/>Regarding Bitfinex I can honestly say as follows:<br/><br/>1) It's a market with one of the deepest order book<br/>2) the markets gains the highest turnover and seems it's increasing in the last weeks<br/>3) I personally admire how responsible and honest Bitfinex was after hacking the platform what took place 2016 - in fact, the market fixing all, giving back all traders money (by issuing and converting its own tokens) proved its credibility<br/>4) The policy of adding very selective coins very reasonable, too. Bitfinex takes not all new coins but just picks the winners (you can find there: IOTA, SAN, OMG which still remain too big problems for other markets when it comes to implementation)<br/>5) I'm not going to say that Bitfinex's user interface is the best one for everyone, but from my point of view (very heavy day trader) I can't imagine anything better - all is clear and extremely useful<br/>6) The last but not least is stability and responsibility of the platform - 5/5 stars<br/><br/>I can see two issues that can problems for others, however:<br/>a) the lack of fiat deposits (many leading markets do not offer it)<br/>b) they do not serve US customers, hopefully, it's not my case what you can figure our base on my poor English (excuse me please;)<br/><br/>Good luck in crypto trading for everyone here!
24 Oct 2017 by CryptoCompare

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