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I have made 100's of thousands of dollars trading on this advanced platform. I use the leveraged margin to earn BTC and or Cash. awesome platform for what i'm doing. have not had any blaring issues (NONE that are any different than any other exchange) what i can say is that Bitfinex doesn't go DOWN during the surges like MOST of the other exchanges. and i love the fact that i can trade via web and phone app platforms... i began lending my coins and cash but quickly transitioned to margining by leveraging my positions - and yes there are fees (some of which is still don't understand) - but honesty, when i close a leveraged position with a 60K profit - i don't really care what the fees were. I have two (2) bitfinex accounts that i created before Oct17. they are grandfathered into the old requirements (basically none). I wish to sell my account and keep my wife's account. Imagine you could be day-trading within minutes of depositing you crypto into the margin wallets. That is priceless in today's horrendous account creation climate..
29 Jan 2018 by CryptoCompare

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