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I have deposited $40+ on bitfinex last…

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I have deposited $40+ on bitfinex last sept 27 using etc and it is stated there that deposits will reflect after 5000 confirmations. 5k confirmations and still nothing. I wrote an email to bitfinex support and they said need 80k+ confirmations. And until now 14 days and 93k+ confirmations, my deposit is not reflected. I would say they will trick you with those deposit confirmations and let you wait and hope until it's hopeless. Bitfinex is a scam, I cant believe a trading platform would just bite on a $42 worth of crypto deposit. I suggest anyone I mean anyone do not deposit on bitfinex. Bitfinex is a trash thief platform.Update: I already wrote the Cs and same as usual replies until yesterday they told me to ban my account. My question is Why BAN? So you can get out of it clean and keep my funds? Then bitfinex do what you have to do, atleast people will know how you treat your clients. I have screenshots.
Arneil Garcia
11 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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