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Easy to use - Hard to master<br/><br/>Bitfinex is a great platform, easy to use with its clean interface yet, don't let the simplicity of the first look deceive you. Bitfinex is probably the most customizable platform out there, once you start discovering its more advanced functionalities it's easy to get lost - and it is at this point that many find bitfinex hard to use, or more accurately hard to master.<br/><br/>It is indeed a very advanced platform. It also offers one of the most liquid markets along with a long list of security measures and an awesome support team backing it up.<br/><br/>It isn't without its flaws, the verification takes ages and the IOS API is far from stable - and that's what makes me review it with only 3 starts.<br/><br/> It is, though, without any shadow of a doubt a good exchange to trade in.
18 Jan 2021 by CryptoCompare

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