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Bitfinex trade against their own…

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Bitfinex trade against their own customers and everybody knows it.Their order books are full of shill bids, and as someone else pointed out. When the exchange runs your stop order, expect to get it executed several % points down the order book.Bitfinex is also a big fraud. When it all comes out, it will make MtGox just seem like a bit of a laugh. It may even bring down Bitcoin. Much of the BTC rampage comes from Finex buying Bitcoin with USD (tether) that they don't actually have.......yep, you got it, Bitfinex have took it upon themselves to become a fractional reserve lender (to themselves). Nice work if u can get it!Oh yes, and the infamous 37% 'bail in' of Summer 2016 when Bitfinex was famously robbed of ~100K in BTC.........we all know it was an inside job.I hope they all end up in jail one day soon.
12 Jun 2019 by Trustpilot

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