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Any chart will show you...

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Any chart will show you how good the volume and liquidity are on the platform, which is why you are probably considering Bitfinex and reading reviews about it. Though that is (imo) the most important aspects of an exchange there are other things to consider. As a user of bitfinex I found I could help other people make the decision for themselves. <br/><br/>My honest opinion is that if you are new to trading Bitfinex might not be the best exchange to begin with as its many features have a steep learning curve - but if you feel you are up to invest some time in the learning process it is worth it no doubt. If on the other hand you are already a trader with some knowledge you will find every tool you need on bitfinex, the high customization that might be daunting for new traders will on the other hand be the icing on the cake for veteran traders.
29 Nov 2020 by CryptoCompare

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