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After using Bitfinex exchange just...

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After using Bitfinex exchange just for a little while, I can characterize it with only one correct word - it is SHIT!<br/><br/>1) If you're trying to withdraw coins as a new trader - just forget about it, basically it looks (almost) impossible<br/>2) If you have transferred BTC there, they state that "Bitcoin deposits are credited after a minimum of 3 confirmations (about 30 minutes, sometimes longer)"<br/>It is 100% bullshit as it takes them literally hours instead of 5-7 minutes on all other exchanges<br/>3) Customer support is not supporting anything at all and never answer anything.<br/><br/>Unfortunately, I had to use this "professional" service to buy Iota, but I'll get away from them as soon as possible.<br/><br/>I would NOT recommend anyone to deal with them even despite their really cool trading platform.<br/><br/>But well, their services are real junk and in final run as time is the most important factor, unfortunately Bitfinex ultimately fails to provide any real service as exchange to its clients.
07 Dec 2017 by CryptoCompare

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