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A terrible exchange

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A terrible exchange, they're scammers.- They invented a supposed hack which never clarified, taking 30% of users fund, even the ones who didn't have BitCoin (the supposed coin that was stolen).- They scammed BitCoin holders during the first fork. Some like us didn't get anything of what belonged to us (1 BCH per 1 BTC), others were more 'lucky' but only got 85% of it.- They manipulate the market through spoofing, look for Bitfinex'ed, there's plenty of proof how they drive prices up and down with fake orders.- They used to have a fake USD (Tether) instead of real USD. Users, of course, weren't told.- They make you owe all the BitCoin forks there are, for some reason. So I owe them $20 for some coin that doesn't exist.- They manipulated BTT market trading it at much higher price than the market, then crashed at 95% down it's value, AND THEN they announced deposits would be open, THEY CRASHED IT 5 MINUTES BEFORE ANNOUNCING IT. Clear manipulation and customer lose almost all their money.- Support doesn't exist, they ignore you, of course.
15 Jun 2019 by Trustpilot

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