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$46,000 USD MISSING a whole month now.

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I withdrew $46,000 USD from my verfied Bitfinex account, by 24 hr wire transfer, on the 24th August 2018. A WHOLE MONTH LATER I still have not received it. I have had 2 lines of response:30th Aug: "...I understand you would like clarity on USD withdrawals...."03rd Sep: "...Please be assured that your transaction is noted as completed and assigned to the address details you had provided us with...."05th Sep: "...I have referred your matter to finance and accounting to look into..."It is now the 25th September, and I have heard nothing. I now have no money, and this is lost somewhere in transit, and Bitfinex with all their resources have not replied for 3 weeks now. This is what you can expect if you are withdrawing a large amount of USD from "The World's Leading Cryptocurrency Trading Platform".I am SICK with stress and worry. I have only had a one line response so far stating that it has been passed to their finance and account department.I got sucked into crypto like many others and realised it had a hold on me and decided to get out. I am a layman who like many who got sucked in to this at the wrong time. I am not a seasoned trader. The $46,000 USD is not '10% of my stack'. It is 100% of my stack. Before this transfer, I withdrew 10k USD, which showed up the next day in my bank account but it showed as having come from "Amazing Partners Ltd" in Hong Kong or something, which is what I expect from selling Bitcoin on localbitcoins or something, but not from an apparently 'professional' trading exchange.The lack of response is bare faced diabolical and rude.
25 Sep 2018 by Trustpilot

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