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1. Never able t0 withdraw...

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1. Never able t0 withdraw if the market are in ur fav0ur.<br/>2. Fees are charged f0r withdraw that is less than $1000 value. ( they said it was t0 help with the withdraw issue. But , it never did. Are the blckchain using different p0t0c0l f0r withdraw n Dep0sit ? Try it urself, dep0sit will never be an issue and w0rst s0metimes is that the bl0ckchain clearly sh01ws that y0ur 0ins are already with them, yet y0u need t0 wait an0ther 1 h0ur t0 be reflex0n the wallet.)<br/>3. Have issues that the platf0rm are giving wr0ng prices ( Large 30-50% different fr0m market) . Sent in Tickets , 4 m0nths later replied saying they are busy. Nevermind, but what they did? Ask y0u t0 state the exact time , date , transactins id , h0w this happen, must include snapsh0ts , vids etc. But at the m0ment the 1st ticket was sent t0 them it was already attach with snap. <br/>WHY is that we are the 0ne t0 d0 checks ? Why is that they seem n0t kn0wing anything that y0u previusly sent them? If 5 0f them c0ntact u at different ime f0r the same issue . Each will ask u all the same questi0ns and ask 0r ridicul0us NEEDs that i just menti0ned...<br/><br/>4. Unable t0 Cl0se the p0siti0ns f0r 2 weeks 0r s0. Liquidated all my funds and c0ins. Replied me again 4 - 5 m0nths later. Using i guess a pr0t0type email msg c0s its the same again asking the same things . After i had sent again the details N0 reply again f0r 2 weeks. Th0ught that they sh0uld be investigating it. N0!!! An0ther staff asking the same questi0ns. Keep repeat and repeat. Just d0 n0t want t0 c0mpensate me with the liquidated am0unts.
16 Mar 2018 by CryptoCompare

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