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Terrible. I am currently in a dispute with their support over why they sent the wrong amount when I sold my BTC (it's value ROSE after I put in the sell request so 'price fluctuation' would not work in their favour as an excuse in this matter). I get that Moonpay are responsible for the over the top fee when purchasing but having waited until the value of the BTC I bought was over what I bought it for as well as the fee I decided to sell it. they then send the exact amount I paid for the BTC as well as the fee to me in the wrong currency causing me to end up losing money after buying and then reselling BTC when it's value had risen over £3500 per BTC in that time. Now when I am contacting support they seem baffled as to why I am mentioning GBP, as though conversion rate's weren't a thing in the business of stock and currency trading. Avoid this company as you only stand seem to be able to lose money regardless of how well the currency you buy does.
20 May 2020 by Trustpilot

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