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So I paid my loan off early

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So I paid my loan off early . by 5 months , They lock you account from reapplying . . then they make up stuff saying you need to re verify your account . Did that . I got a new bank account . Their crappy salt edge system doesnt have my bank added to it . So i request to add it . still no reply . that was 11 days ago . Seems like they want to add new people only and not use faithful patrons. On top of that they cant even reply to emails in a timely manner . OH and I paid 28 percent in interests in less than a year . STAY AWAY . If you are trying to get funding for projects bitbond isnt the way to go . my loan id was 53BKCFKE7B..They wont even explain why . still no update from them as too why
15 Feb 2019 by Trustpilot

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